Just another ‘date’!

As I wrote in my first blog, I’m on a dating app. Obviously being a girls profile it is flooded most of the times and its hard to pick who to chat with, I like it when someone puts in a bit of effort or stands out from others.. believe it or not pics is the last thing I look at, not saying I don’t look at them.

So I got a message from Mr’ Ali” saying that I’m bubbly and easy going as per what he thinks or was it just the pics? Now, I can accept someone saying I’m bubbly from my pics but easy going? How can one know that from the pics? So I thought to chat with Mr’ Ali’ and see if there is anything more I can find and have a laugh about(although that’s not the purpose for being on the app) but being on it since 5 weeks and not having met anyone cool yet I thought at least I can have a few laughs a day;)

He asked a few questions and my replies were late, I could sense he was impatient and he asked for my number. I really didn’t see any harm in giving the number out to him so I did. He called me that evening and spoke for a bit, he works at the hotel and told me how he hated working there. I was moving house the evening we spoke and next day he messaged me to ask me what my plan was, I told him how I was organising my room and he said he was hoping to meet! I don’t hesitate in meeting but in order for me to meet someone he needs to satisfy a certain criteria and I should feel that the guy is decent enough and there could be some possibility of hanging more than once, I for sure don’t have time to kill and just meet every Tom, Dick and Harry! I told him the same and he said that if were to meet then why wait… again I felt it was very impatient behaviour.

I preferred not to continue chatting with Mr ’Ali”, however he was persistent in annoying the hell out of me. Called me even when I was sick and had a sore throat, clearly lacking understanding. Found out he was stalking me on Facebook as he said he saw my pics playing tennis and he would love to have a tennis partner, He confessed he was looking through my profile when I questioned him on how he found out.


He told me how he liked me as he found me different from other girls he has seen in life, he had never met by then so it was a big statement and I like reasoning.

He lived in city and I was free in the city so I asked him if he was free so we could meet and get it over and done with it. We met at the Harbourside, it was a strange meeting, soon as we met he told me he had to go in half an hour, he kept calling it a date while I had clearly told him that for me it was just a casual meeting. If it was a date, who plans to spend a certain amount of time, I felt it was very formal and I really didn’t like any of his conversation. Also he had been constantly messaging and even attended a phone call in the short span of time we met. I generally avoid looking at my phone while I’m out with someone just out of respect that the other person has taken their time out to see me so everything else can wait. He was telling me how he liked my skin colour etc.. Seriously! I just feel that if a guy likes my skin colour today, tomorrow he may like someone else’s , this kind of conversation may pamper someone else but for me its a TOTAL TURN OFF!!


After we finished, he told me how he found me humble, relaxed and soft, I was amazed with his good observation ability :D, one good thing was that he knew his short comings and pointed out himself that he was tense, hurried and short tempered. I would’ve not known about him being short tempered for a while I believe.

Next day, on 24th April 2016, he asked if I was coming to city again and wanted to meet, I told him I was heading for salsa and didn’t know what I would be free. He said that it was ok if I wasn’t interested. Again for me it was irritating that in a short span of half an hour he wants to decide if I’m interested or not. He was messaging me constantly throughout the day, I don’t look at my phone all day and don’t feel the need to reply to a hundred messages! He told me how it only takes a few seconds to reply someone. I clearly told him that I don’t message when I’m with someone and my friend stayed over at mine and as I didn’t want to not pay attention to her so I kept the phone away entire time she was with me.

He again asked if I was interested or not on Whatsapp and I had a busy day and didn’t manage to reply. The next day I got message from at 6:23 am saying “You’ve read the message and didn’t bother to reply.” I felt like If i show any interest in him he would be freaking asking me for explanation for everything every minute and if I didn’t reply he would assume things. I said my GOODBYE to him and found soon after that I was blocked on his whatsapp, obviously didn’t matter to me, I did get the feeling that he was strong headed.

Funny though, 26th April he text messaged me and said he was still keen to play Tennis! I told him I found it weird that one hand he blocked me and on the other he is asking to play, I told him I was blocking him on the phone.

Here you and I would have thought, end of the story but hey……Ahaha, I didn’t realise that I forgot to block him from the dating app which was the first point of contact!! I got a message again from him today!!!

He sent me an explanation, he told me it wasn’t him who was weird, it was me who didn’t message him back the next day after meeting and made him feel like we never met, I really didn’t know that one is ought to message to make one realise that the meeting did happen!

May I ask? I’ve seen a lot of guys reject girls but why is it so hard for them to accept rejection? You will find this in my previous blog too that I got a really long explanation in the very end? Not everything has to work out, not everything is meant to work out after all…

I love and live my life everyday. Having been diagnosed with a mental disorder purely because I stay happy, I'm checking to see how sane I'm ! I love nature, bushwalking camping and love to dance salsa. I wish to travel the world , every nook and corner ...

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