Date with the Veteran-Pick-up Pro!

Well I can’t describe how lucky I’m that this Pickup Pro or Mr. Know it all in the dating business asked me out on a date!

He contacted me on the dating app I’m on. When we had a bit of chat and he told me that he actually taught people the art of attraction, I couldn’t really believe it so I was keen to find out the truth. When he did ask to meet how could have I resisted his charms! (That’s just me being sarcastic I just wanted to test the waters)


It was an amazing experience, there was so much missing or lacking and I literally felt no click whatsoever.
Mr.Veteran who seemed to know everything about dates and law of attraction knew nothing about what he wanted in his life… he seemed so confused!

I don’t know why but we still did keep in touch though. Perhaps I was seeking dating advise haha.
He had told me how he liked brown skin than white, I’ve been told this before several times but I don’t really like the concept of liking someone based on what colour they are however there is definitely an indian song which I do love where the guy does appreciate the brown beauty!

At the end of the day its not the colour of the skin /eyes/height that matters to me. I can’t see myself being with some blue eyed guy just because I love blue eyes, there definitely needs to be lot more than that aye! This reminds me of another song on blue eyes from Honey Singh.

For some reason I guess I’m extremely bad. People just seem to give me clues when I don’t even seek and so did this Pickup Pro! He added me on Facebook a few days after we met and this was quite a random and unexpected add. I don’t usually stalk people as I don’t have time or I’m not intrigued, but I was still too curious to find out more in detail about him and his dating school- if it was just virtual or a real one, why was he on a dating app if he was a pick-up pro etc etc.. So I did a bit of work on his Facebook while I was on my way for the salsa class where I met Mr. Bond later.

In my research (hahaha) I did find that the dating school did exist and he was not self acclaimed Pick up Pro, he has been given this title by a couple of well known TV channels here in Australia. Then I searched a bit more and it wasn’t hard to guess who could have been his ex girlfriend as he had told me that he was on dating app as he came out of a long term relationship. It was easy to guess as obviously I was looking for a brown girl. I must have been a detective in my previous birth I guess or i should become like Sherlock Holmes! He told me when we first met it was completely over between him and his ex however I did notice how he was still celebrating her birthday although she is in Bali. One thing I guess I can never find the answer to is why do people keep in touch with their ex after breaking up and even having slept around a bit. This will be a Mystery unsolved!


A few weeks back he asked me to catch up, this was after a couple of weeks after our first ‘date’.
It was quite a busy weekend for me so i turned down, I would’ve met up otherwise just to see why he still wanted to meet. I wasn’t much surprised the next morning I saw his picture with this so called’ ex’ who was now back in town and he went to attend a wedding with her. Also, it’s obviously not surprising either that he has actually moved to Bali with her so obviously I reckon that there never was a break up. The poor fellow had freedom for a little bit and he tried his best to get the most out of it.

Is it really important to cheat? What’s the point of a relationship like that? Isn’t it just better to be single? Is there no conscience or feeling of guilt when you cheat your partner? How about the same thing happens the other way round!

I love and live my life everyday. Having been diagnosed with a mental disorder purely because I stay happy, I'm checking to see how sane I'm ! I love nature, bushwalking camping and love to dance salsa. I wish to travel the world , every nook and corner ...

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