Love in the materialistic world!

I’m happily single for various reasons but one one main reason is that most couples I see aren’t happy, I see people split after years of relationship, getting divorced after marriage, separating because of being cheated and so on. Therefore I thought I should try and convey a point to the love birds while they are actually together.


This Tuesday when I was on my way back home, I saw a couple get off the same train as me, they were arguing with each other as they carried only one umbrella. It was raining at the time and I was about to drive home. It was past midnight and street was really dark and quiet… Although I had to wake up really early the next morning I was still this near from asking them if they needed a lift to wherever they were walking to and suddenly I stopped myself from doing so….

Several thoughts came up in my mind at a lightening speed… I thought that the moment was so special for them and by offering them lift I’m just gonna completely ruin it for them. Just because I don’t have anyone to share such a moment with doesn’t mean I should not let someone else enjoy that feeling. Whether they enjoyed the moment or not, I did. I was happy to see what they had, they may forget but I never will. Sadly sometimes when we have something we don’t know to appreciate it, instead of enjoying the moment that they could treasure later and forever they were arguing!


In today’s fast paced world we have somehow managed to lose moments like these. Isn’t it just so beautiful to be able to walk together under one umbrella in the rain or dance in the drizzle or even rain, walk hand in hand by the beach with those waves touching your feet, having that cup of coffee together, going on that long walk or long drive together forgetting all the worries of the world, watching the sunset or sunrise with that special person. There is one song I truly madly deeply love…

I know that in today’s world these things don’t hold value to most people. Sadly these aren’t the moments people cherish! People cherish things and gifts. Its a very materialistic world. If you don’t bring a cake or organise a Birthday party and bring expensive gifts and don’t remember some special dates, most likely the relationship will be over! I used to think that when you are in love with someone you end up ignoring all the flaws simply because the feeling of love surpasses everything else. I used to think that in the end we don’t take anything with us but memories but I see how incredibly wrong I was! I thought the gesture of love is shared between two individuals but lately I see that gesture being communicated all over Facebook but to that specific individual! Is everything about show off now?


A close friend of mine suffers from ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). He had been with his girlfriend for good 6-7 years. This person is amazingly beautiful inside and out. His girl friend was twice his size yet I can still see how much he loved her. Looks didn’t matter to him and I truly love him for that, happy to know that there are at least some people like that in the world who know that its important to see the inner beauty than outer as the outer beauty will eventually fade away one day. They lived together and he looked after the household expenses as she was studying. She still managed to get upset on occasions when she was expecting a gift to be brought to her; not for once appreciating what he was doing for the household. I believe any one of us could be suffering from a disease and  that doesn’t mean we can’t have partners. And if we are already in relation with someone who’s suffering from any condition or start a relation with someone, isn’t it best to actually try and understand what the disease is and how to tackle it instead of being the cause to aggravate it? What if you are married to someone and your partner eventually encounters a terminal disease… would you just call it quits? If you are that kind of person how would you react if someone thinks of doing the same with you?

My friend can be quite talkative at times but then I suppose communication is the key to a healthy relationship. How can one not like if their partner is talkative? And even if it does bother, its an issue to be discussed with that person not others. There were several trivial issues that I could go on about but that’s not the intention here. She said to my friend a few months back that she grew out of love with him and wanted to leave and said she could reconsider after certain time leaving him hanging! He has been in so much sorrow over the last few months that is unexplainable… I get goosebumps thinking about it.

I always thought one should rise in love and not fall in love but all that I do see is relationships falling apart… Usually i thought the process starts with an attraction and grows into infatuation and then love so it should only grow into something more deep, Isn’t it? Love should be Always and Forever- (सदैव शाश्वतं च) As in Sanskrit सत्यं प्रेम अमरम् meaning True love never dies.

Your partner is the one who should be able to boost your confidence up even when you are feeling low and sick. He or she should be like a mentor in your life and you should be the same for him or her. Isn’t that what a healthy relationship is? Isn’t that love? If something goes wrong usually the whole relation falls apart, people don’t like to mend things these days… its so easy to find replacement after all! Who cares to share special moments, they aren’t worthy enough of being treasured!

I feel I’m so outdated for the present day world! I enjoy the little things that give me pleasure, I’m an independent women I don’t need gifts, money, car, house, dinner dates at fine dining! Perhaps I’ve never had those moments with anyone that I could remember and that’s why I know how much I would appreciate that walk on the beach that I’ve always dreamt of but is it really necessary that only when you don’t have such things that you realise the importance? I know so many people who could actually enjoy these little pleasures but they simply don’t because they are residing in the materialistic world.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to live every moment and appreciate the presence of your partner instead of whinging and complaining about things you don’t have? Life is beautiful and it is even more when you can see it together with someone, learn to be happy and content with what you have, not everyone is lucky enough to share these special moments with that someone special!

I love and live my life everyday. Having been diagnosed with a mental disorder purely because I stay happy, I'm checking to see how sane I'm ! I love nature, bushwalking camping and love to dance salsa. I wish to travel the world , every nook and corner ...


  • Nisreen

    August 6, 2016 at 11:09 am

    I absolutely loved every bit of it. So true that in the fast pace of our lives lot of people lose the importance of small moments of togetherness. And its also true that it is difficult for a lot of people to go beyond looks/outward appearance. Which is why they remain empty from inside as they didnt allow themselves to connect with some very beautiful souls. You have penned these emotions beautifully Rashmija Shrivastav, I am inspired!

  • Prashant Raj

    August 6, 2016 at 1:17 am

    Read it….u have expressed everything beautifully….m sorry to know about ur friend but as I told earlier, whatever happens, happens for a good reason…. divorce after marriage would have been more painful….n yes I agree with you, spending time with someone you love is wonderful…. but yes, you can be single and happy for a certain period of time, not forever…. you need a loving partner to live this life, life can’t be spent alone or else life won’t be life!


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